Innovative and tailored Financing Schemes for
Social Housing Refurbishment in Enlarged Europe

From day to day, Our project diary.

Having a first meeting in Cottbus, Feb 15/16th 2006

It is one thing to write a proposal and to convince the European commission and it is another thing to get a group of people feel enthusiastic about a common project.

Project meetings therefore play an important role to get to know each other, to find a common language for communication, to manage the activities of the project and to exchange experiences when visiting sites of practical interest.
InoFin’s Kick-Off meeting took place at the Brandenburg University of Technology in Cottbus, where CEBra has its offices.

Where everything started

Working together in networks certainly helps to form partnerships for developing common proposals. The European OPET network is one origin of this partnership between Energy Consulting Network of Denmark and CEBra – Centre for Energy technology Brandenburg. The other is the LOCOSOC project where partners from Czech Republik, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Latvia already worked together.

LOCOSOC was a starting point to analyse the possibilities of energy efficient refurbishment for the social housing sector in Eastern Europe. Partners noticed that plenty of technical concepts are existing for the refurbishment but financing would be the crucial barrier.
Finding innovative financing schemes therefore became the basic idea of the InoFin project that was developed in late summer 2005 and submitted under the IEE 2005 call. As there was a positive evaluation negotiations could start in November 2005 and the final contract was closed at the end of the year.
InoFin Conference Lübbenau

Sep 17th and 18th 2007

InoFin Conference Lübbenau

Join the InoFin Conference in Lübbenau on Sep 17th and 18th 2007