Innovative and tailored Financing Schemes for
Social Housing Refurbishment in Enlarged Europe

Work in Progress

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InoFin is building on the previous LOCOSOC project, which estimated the refurbishment potentials and costs for social housing refurbishment in Eastern Europe. Its aim is to take the experiences from the different countries and design tailored financing schemes that could mobilize capital for improving the living conditions in Eastern Europe.

The project is structured into several phases that start with the actual description of the refurbishment in the respective countries (WP1), analysing the existing financing schemes (WP2) and tailoring new financing schemes that would be able to speed up the reconstruction processes (WP3). These financing schemes will be tested (WP4) and necessary changes in the legal situation of the countries will be proposed (WP5). InoFin also works for the dissemination of its findings in an international and a national context (WP6).

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InoFin Conference Lübbenau

Sep 17th and 18th 2007

InoFin Conference Lübbenau

Join the InoFin Conference in Lübbenau on Sep 17th and 18th 2007